About British Local Food

Foraging for wild food have increased in popularity over the last few years, becoming a desirable skill set as a result of rising awareness about the benefits of eating organic and local fresh ingredients. [What's foraging?]

The mission of British Local Food is to share and promote the sustainable use of those wild ingredients available in the UK and Ireland.

I’ll help you to:

  • Find out where to start, how to do it, what to pick and when.
  • I’ll show you the guidelines you need to know about safety, sustainability and laws when it comes to foraging.
  • Learn exclusive tips on how to improve your foraging skills.
  • Discover detailed ingredient monographs on food and/or herbal medicine applications.
  • Check out healthy recipes easily made at home using common kitchen equipment.

About Álvaro

I’ve been foraging for wild food since I was a kid. I still have fond memories going blackberry picking and mushroom hunting with my father at a young age. Growing up in Spain, I had the opportunity to learn about Mediterranean plants; I used to harvest olives, figs, pine nuts and a number of aromatic herbs growing near home.

After moving to England ten years ago, I became interested to find out more about British wild food and have developed a real passion about picking, eating, cooking, preserving and experimenting with wild foods and so I realised that I wanted to share my passion with others.

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