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Hello there! I’m Alvaro and I’ve been foraging for wild food since I was a kid. It used to be a huge part of tradition in rural areas of my native country, Spain. I would pick blackberries, chestnuts, pine nuts, olives, aromatic herbs and wild mushrooms.

After moving to the UK ten years ago, I realised that many of these plants are growing here as well and became interested to find out more about British wild food.

Since then, I have developed a real passion about picking, eating, cooking, preserving and experimenting with wild foods and so I realised that I wanted to share my passion with others.


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Everything posted on this blog belongs to me as own copyright, unless marked otherwise, from texts to photographs and illustrations. I have worked hard, putting together plenty of research and offering original content and I would appreciate if you can ask for permission sending an email in case you need anything.
If you quote something, please, acknowledge  the source. Remember, stealing is bad karma!

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