English walnut

Walnuts are one of the most popular nuts for snacking and baking alike, always great to have on hand in the kitchen. These versatile nuts are good eaten raw or roasted, in either sweet or savoury dishes and offer a significant amount of health benefits. Many people assume they are an exotic crop coming exclusively … Read more


There is an old saying “when gorse is out of bloom, kissing is out of fashion”, as it seems the plant is thought to be always in bloom. No matter whether it is a hot summer or a frozen winter, there is always a bush in bloom. Its golden yellow flowers open from early spring … Read more

Oyster mushroom

Oyster mushroom

These mushrooms might sound quite familiar, as they are readily available in the supermarket aisles, often included as part of the misleading ‘wild mushrooms’ packets. However, the truly wild species can be quite variable and more often than not, they look entirely different. In my opinion, oysters are one of the best edible mushrooms. They … Read more


A very welcome sight after a hard winter, forsythia is often one of the first blooming deciduous shrubs, bursting into bright yellow overnight to then lose its bloom two weeks after, becoming rather boring for the rest of the year again. This genus is named after William Forsyth, a British royal gardener who brought the … Read more

Cleavers (Goosegrass)

Cleavers used to be a known plant amongst children, as they would be thrown on friends’ jumpers for fun: the plant would get stuck in their jumpers, acting as a primitive Velcro. They have also been a long standing enemy of the gardener, as cleavers are easily propagated through their sticky seeds on shoes and … Read more