Jelly ear fungus

This suspicious looking little mushroom’s name, originally known as Judas’ ear, is a Christian reference to Judas Iscariot, who supposedly (and unlikely) hanged himself from an elder tree. The name was corrupted to Jew’s ear and eventually became jelly ear in the name of political correctness. Description and species Jelly ear (Auricularia auricula-judae) is a … Read more


Hazel is one of the most common trees in Britain, often be found tucked away in old hedgerows and woods, where they have been used to make field boundaries in England and its wood grown as coppice. It has also a reputation as the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ and it’s regarded as a magical tree. Hazel … Read more

Canadian goldenrod

Introduced as an ornamental plant from its native North America, goldenrod is now a very common sight in the wild, as the plant rampantly spread into vast carpets on riverbanks and wastelands alike. This perennial goes unnoticed most of the year among the green grasses, displaying beautiful yellow pyramid clustered flowers on late summer, highly … Read more


The humble hawthorn is one of the most magical and enchanted trees of Britain’s hedgerows, with so many traditions and folklore associated that is considered a fairy tree amongst hedge witches. Hawthorn enliven the countryside with its deep scented blossom in Spring that develop into shiny red berries in autumn, just when the tree starts … Read more

Acorn pancakes

Acorn pancake

Acorns are rarely used as ingredient in Britain but are very versatile. This year I won my battle against squirrels and picked plenty of acorns, which I wanted to use to make bread. I was also suggested I could make pancakes as well so I did not hesitate. They were sublime! The acorn flour adds … Read more

Acorn bread

Often overlooked, acorns can make one of the finest flours. In a series of experiments, I made this huge bread with a whole-wheat appearance. It tasted very nutty and went very well with olive oil and prosciutto. Acorn flour is not something you can buy in the shops, so you will have to make your … Read more