The old fashioned flowerpot bread

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Clay flower pots can sound like an unusual way to bake a loaf of bread nowadays, but bread was originally baked in terracotta for some centuries. In fact, the word comes from the Italian ‘cooked earth’ from the early 18th century.

This simple method turns a regular flowerpot into a homemade rustic baking stone.They are incredibly perfect to cook your own bread and allows a very original presentation, making the activity of baking such a good fun.

Terracotta flowerpots have been fired previously at very high temperature in an oven, so they are just perfect to cook your own bread with a wonderful crust. This unglazed material can be found at garden centers and should be purchased new for this purpose. Try to find old-style hand-thrown pots, because the newer ones seem to crack when cooking in the oven.

Make sure your flowerpots are washed properly and seasoned with oil before you bake them for first time in order to use the pots over and over again, placing them in a preheated oven at 450º for one hour. You can use pretty much any bread recipe for this, allowing your imagination to create and develop your own flavours and textures. Think about fruity or cheesy bread, top with seeds and herbs or add exotic spices.

Just make the dough and transfer it really carefully into a flowerpot covered by baking paper and bake it like regular bread.

The result is awesome with not too much effort and you can surprise your guests in the table. Furthermore, baking handmade bread at home is a great chance for children to get involved in the kitchen and learn how to cook. Flowerpots just add the fun to this activity. And it’s very easy!


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