Who Is This Guy???


My parents named me Alvaro, but most people know me as…

The Wild Plant Guy.

I’ve been foraging for wild food since I was a kid. I still have fond memories of blackberry picking and mushroom hunting with my father at a young age.

Growing up in Spain, I had the opportunity to learn about Mediterranean plants. I used to harvest olives, figs, pine nuts, and various aromatic herbs growing wild near my home.


After moving to the UK more than a decade ago, I became curious about British wild food and had to start learning about local plants from scratch on my own.

This foraging adventure not only bolstered my confidence in working with plants but also ignited a genuine passion for picking, eating, cooking, preserving, and experimenting with wild foods.

So, what's in it for you?

Discover the unique opportunity foraging offers to connect with nature, fostering an appreciation for your surroundings while sourcing fresh, nutritious, and unique ingredients for your meals.

Embrace a sustainable approach to food sourcing, reducing reliance on detrimental industrial-scale agriculture and improving your diet’s nutritional value.

My mission is simple: to democratise foraging knowledge, making it accessible and widespread.  I want individuals like yourself to confidently explore and safely use wild ingredients, enriching both your culinary experience and your connection to nature.

What are my credentials?

Well, I don’t possess any fancy titles or degrees. I don’t hold a master’s degree in biology, nor am I a professional outdoor instructor. The label “foraging expert” feels a tad grandiose.

However, I spend a lot of my time devouring fascinating books, meticulously researching academic papers, and thoroughly exploring the lush hedgerows.

I’ve been actively foraging for as long as I can remember, applying my knowledge daily, which has worked well for me so far. It has also benefited many others whom I have helped on their foraging journey.

I could be your wild guide.

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