Wild cherry

Cherry fruit hanging from the tree (Prunus avium)

The Wild Cherry is a common tree growing in woodland hedges and hedgerows, commonly planted in urban areas for ornamental purposes. The tree is appreciated for its beautiful white and pink blossom, but it’s the fruit that is of great interest to the forager.

Wood sorrel

Wood sorrel leaves (Oxalis acetosella)

A delicate plant with trifoliate leaves, Wood Sorrel grows in abundance in woodlands and shady hedgerows all over the British Isles. The plant has a sour lemony flavour that adds a zingy taste to any dish.

Red clover

Red clover flower (Trifolium pratens)

Red Clover is a native plant belonging to the same family as peas and beans. This common edible plant has long been used for its medicinal properties, treating health conditions such as cough, skin complaints and menopausal symptoms.

Dog rose

Rose in flower (Rosa canina)

The Dog Rose is the most common Wild Rose in the British Isles. It grows in most hedgerows and have aromatic edible flowers and juicy fruits that are high in vitamin C.


Rowan berries in the tree (Sorbus aucuparia)

A very common tree in the mountains and hedgerows alike, Rowan is frequently planted as a street tree for its moderate size and vibrant orange berries. The flowers and fruit are of interes to the forager.

Pineapple weed

Pineappleweed weed in flower (Matricaria discoidea)

A close relative to Chamomile, Pineapple Weed is an aromatic herb that commonly grows alongside pathways. The plant offers multiple medicinal benefits and a unique taste that makes it attractive to the forager.