Common name: Common hazel Botanical name: Corylus avellana Family: Betulaceae (Birch) Worldwide distribution: Native to western Asia and Europe. Local distribution: Very common throughout the British Isles and Ireland. Habitat: Woodland, hedgerow and scrub. Foraging season: Nuts late summer to early autumn. Hazel has been linked to folklore and traditions for centuries, regarded as a … Read more

Goldenrod, Canadian

Common name: Canadian goldenrod, golden rod Botanical name: Solidago canadensis Family: Asteraceae (Daisy) Subfamily: Asteroideae Worldwide distribution: Native to north-eastern and north-central North America. Invasive plant in many parts of Europe, Japan and China. Local distribution: Widespread in England, less so in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. Habitat: Roadside, wasteland and canalside. Foraging season: … Read more


Common name: Hawthorn, thornapple, May-tree, whitethorn Botanical name: Crataegus monogyna Family: Rosaceae (Rose) Worldwide distribution: Native to Europe, northwest Africa and western Asia. Local distribution: Very common everywhere in Ireland and the UK, except north of Scotland. Habitat: Hedgerows and parks. Foraging season: Leaves and flowers early to mid-spring and berries early to mid-autumn. The … Read more

Acorn pancakes

Acorn pancake

Acorns are rarely used as ingredient in Britain but are very versatile. This year I won my battle against squirrels and picked plenty of acorns, which I wanted to use to make bread. I was also suggested I could make pancakes as well so I did not hesitate. They were sublime! The acorn flour adds … Read more

Acorn bread

Often overlooked, acorns can make one of the finest flours. In a series of experiments, I made this huge bread with a whole-wheat appearance. It tasted very nutty and went very well with olive oil and prosciutto. Acorn flour is not something you can buy in the shops, so you will have to make your … Read more

Crab apples

Common name: Crab apple, wild apple Botanical name: Malus sylvestris Family: Rosaceae (Rose) Subfamily: Amygdaloideae (Plum) Worldwide distribution: Native to Europe. Local distribution: Widespread throughout the UK and Ireland. Habitat: Hedgerow, scrub, roadsides and woodland. Foraging season: Fruit late summer to early winter. Crab apple is one of the most interesting trees growing in British … Read more

Wild garlic (Ramsons)

Common name: Wild garlic, ramson, bear’s garlic, broad-leaved garlic, gypsy’s onions, wood garlic, buckrams, stinking Jenny Botanical name: Allium ursinum Family: Amaryllidaceae (Amaryllis) Subfamily: Allioideae (Onion) Worldwide distribution: Native to Europe and Asia. Introduced in North America. Local distribution: Common in Ireland and the British Isles, except further north Scotland and the Channel Islands. Habitat: … Read more