Wild garlic (Ramsons)

Wild garlic leaves (Allium ursinum)

Wild garlic spends most of the year buried underground as a bulb, only to emerge in early Spring. The leaves smell and taste of garlic and are quite versatile in the kitchen.

Old fashioned flowerpot bread recipe

Flowerpot bread

About this recipe Using a terracotta flowerpot as a mould for your bread is the old fashioned equivalent to the trendy ‘cake in a mug’ that will give your children the perfect excuse to get involved in the kitchen. You can make just about any kind of bread you think of and adapt regular recipes … Read more

Acorn flour recipe

Small bucket with Acorn flour

About this recipe Despite oak trees are very common in Britain, not many people have considered to use acorns as an edible resource. They cannot be eaten straight from the tree, as they taste very bitter due to the high content in tannins and therefore are considered poisonous. However, a bit of processing can reward … Read more

Acorn (Oak)

Acorns foraged from oak tree (Quercus sp)

The majestic Oak tree is the most common in Britain and holds the status of national emblem. The acorn that produces the tree have been a source of food and medicine for many cultures around the world since ancient times.

Acorn leaching process

Acorn trees

About the leaching process Following my post on acorns and before you run out to your nearest oak tree, it’s important to remark acorns are naturally bitter and they must be processed to make them palatable. This unpleasant flavour comes from the tannins, which can be astringent and damage our kidneys over time. Tannins are … Read more