Hazelnut harvest (Corylus sp)

Hazel is a very common tree native to the British Isles, found in woodland areas and hedgerow. Early autumn is the best time for foraging hazelnuts, though you’ll need to be quick, as squireels are very partial to them.

Goldenrod, Canadian

Goldenrod in flower (Solidago canadensis)

Introduced as an ornamental plant, Canadian Goldenrod is now a very common sight in England. The plant has beautiful yellow flowers and has been used in traditional medicine for all sorts of health treatments.


Hawthorn berries on tree (Crataegus monogyna)

One of the most common trees in the British Isles, Hawthorn is surrounded by tradition and folklore. The berries are nutritive and have amazing medicinal properties, as they are considered “food for the heart”.

Acorn pancakes recipe

Acorn pancakes

A recipe for acorn pancakes Although acorns are not commonly used as an ingredient in the British Isles, they are surprisingly versatile. This year, I was determined to gather as many acorns as possible, despite the fierce competition with squirrels. My plan was to make acorn bread, but a friend suggested that I also try … Read more

Acorn bread recipe

Acorn bread out of the oven

A recipe for acorn bread Acorns are often overlooked, but they can actually make a delicious flour. I recently conducted a series of experiments and was pleasantly surprised by the results. The flour produced a nutty and flavourful taste that paired perfectly with olive oil and prosciutto. In fact, I used the flour to bake … Read more

Crab apple

Crabapples growing from tree (Malus sylvestris)

Crab Apple is one of the most common wild edibles, really appreciated by foragers. Fruits are picked in late summer to early autumn and are used to make all kinfs of preserves due to its high content in pectin.

Wild garlic (Ramsons)

Wild garlic leaves (Allium ursinum)

Wild garlic spends most of the year underground as a bulb before emerging in early spring. Its leaves have a strong garlic aroma and flavour, making them a versatile ingredient in the kitchen.