Wild garlic (Ramsons)

Wild garlic leaves (Allium ursinum)

Wild garlic spends most of the year underground as a bulb before emerging in early spring. Its leaves have a strong garlic aroma and flavour, making them a versatile ingredient in the kitchen.

Old fashioned flowerpot bread recipe

Flowerpot bread

A recipe for flowerpot bread Using a terracotta flowerpot as a mould for your bread is a fun and old-fashioned way to get your children involved in the kitchen. It’s like those ‘cake in a mug’ but with a rustic twist! You can experiment with all kinds of bread and adapt regular recipes to create … Read more

Acorn flour recipe

Small bucket with Acorn flour

A recipe for acorn flour Despite the abundance of oak trees in Britain, many people have yet to discover the culinary potential of acorns. Unlike many other nuts, acorns cannot be eaten straight from the tree, as they contain high levels of bitter tannins that make them unpalatable and even potentially poisonous. However, with a … Read more

Acorn (Oak)

Acorns foraged from oak tree (Quercus sp)

The majestic Oak tree is the most common in Britain and holds the status of national emblem. The acorn that produces the tree have been a source of food and medicine for many cultures around the world since ancient times.

Acorn leaching process

Acorn trees

Why leaching acorns? For thousands of years, acorns have been a valuable food source for humans. However, consuming them directly from the tree can be unpleasant due to their bitter taste. This bitterness is caused by tannins, which can have an astringent effect on our taste buds and even lead to kidney damage over time. … Read more