Stinkhorn (Witch’s egg)

Witches egg

Common name: Common stinkhorn, witch’s egg, devil’s egg, Hexeneier Botanical name: Phallus impudicus Family: Phallaceae (Stinkhorn) Worldwide distribution: Found throughout much of Europe and North America. Local distribution: Common and widespread in Britain and Ireland. Habitat: Woodland, mulched gardens and dunes. Foraging season: Immature ‘eggs’ late spring to autumn. Stinkhorn gets its name for a … Read more


Common name: Gorse, prickly broom, furze, whin. Botanical name: Ulex europaeus Family: Fabaceae (Pea) Subfamily: Faboideae Worldwide distribution: Native to parts of western Europe and northwest Africa. Local distribution: Found widespread in Britain and Ireland. Habitat: Coastal, heathlands, wasteland and forest edges. Foraging season: Bloom all year round. There is an old saying “when gorse … Read more

Oyster mushroom

Oyster mushroom

Common name: Oyster mushroom, grey oyster, straw mushroom, hiratake, tamogitake Botanical name: Pleurotus ostreatus Family: Pleurotaceae (Oyster mushroom) Worldwide distribution: Widespread and common throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Northern Africa and Australia. Local distribution: Common and widespread in Britain and Ireland. Habitat: Grow on deciduous trees. Foraging season: All year round, best in late autumn … Read more


Common name: Forsythia Botanical name: Forsythia sp. Family: Oleaceae (Olive) Worldwide distribution: Mostly native to eastern Asia, except Forsythia europaea, native to the Balkans in southeastern Europe. Local distribution: Commonly planted in British and Irish gardens. Habitat: Parks and gardens. Foraging season: Bloom in early spring. A very welcome sight after a hard winter, forsythias … Read more


Common name: Cleavers, goosegrass, sticky Willy, stick-a-back, catch weed, coachweed, scratch tongue, Lady’s bedstraw. Botanical name: Galium aparine Family: Rubiaceae (Coffee) Worldwide distribution: Native to a wide region of Europe and north and western Asia. Naturalised in many countries around the world. Local distribution: Common in the UK and Ireland. Habitat: Hedgerows, roadsides, woodland and … Read more

Ground ivy

Common name: Ground ivy, creeping Charlie, catsfoot, field balm, tunhoof, alehoof Botanical name: Glechoma hederacea Family: Lamiaceae (Mint) Worldwide distribution: Native to Europe and south-western Asia. Invasive species in North America. Local distribution: Common and widespread throughout Britain and Ireland. Habitat: Woodland, hedgerow, parks and gardens. Foraging season: Leaves in spring. Ground ivy is an … Read more

Scarlet elf cup


Common name: Scarlet elf cup, Scarlet elfcup, moss cup Botanical name: Sarcoscypha coccinea Family: Sarcoscyphaceae (Cup fungi) Worldwide distribution: Widely distributed in the Northern Hemisphere. Local distribution: Common and widespread in Britain and Ireland. Habitat: Dead wood near streams and deciduous woodland. Foraging season: Early winter to early spring. These little gems appear in the … Read more