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Traditionally, knowledge about wild food was passed down through oral traditions from one generation to the next. However, books have become the prevailing source for learning about wild foo today.

Reading is an invaluable resource for identifying wild food, especially if you have a good collection of books to cross-reference and a decent field guide. There’s no single book that can provide all the information you need, so having multiple sources at your disposal is essential.

This is crucial in identifying plants and fungi in nature, since they can differ from idealised illustrations in books, and photographs can be misleading. Owning a larger collection of resources can increase your confidence in identifying wild food accurately.

As a forager, I have curated a personal library of foraging resources that I regularly use and highly recommend to other foragers. While these are my favourites, please note this is not an exhaustive list!

In addition to books, we now have access to a wealth of online resources for foraging. Blogs and social media groups can provide inspiration and opportunities for engagement with other foragers. However, it’s crucial to cross-reference information and avoid relying solely on one website or source.

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