Spring elf canapes recipe

Spring Elf Canapes

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A recipe for spring elf canapes

Scarlet elf cup mushrooms are known for their cute little shape, making them a hit for gourmet woodland snacking. Their unique basket shape makes them ideal for filling with all sorts of seasonal hedgerow edibles.

An idea I first encountered from forager Mark Williams suggests pairing them with wild seasonal ingredients such as wood sorrel, wild garlic, velvet shank mushrooms, pink purslane, three-cornered leek, or hairy bittercress.

It’s worth emphasising that wild mushrooms should ideally be cooked before consumption, and it’s good practice sampling a small bite initially to ensure compatibility with your body.


For a truly mouthwatering dish that encapsulates the essence of early spring woodland, just blend together thoughtfully selected ingredients like fresh spring leaves, tree nuts, berries, and assorted fungi.

For instance, in the dish depicted in this photo, I’ve used wild garlic buds, wood sorrel leaves, chickweed, as well as hazelnuts that I harvested last autumn. Keeping it simple is always a good idea.

To assemble the dish, arrange a bed of lemony wood sorrel leaves and then top them with your chosen ingredients.

-Left: Wild garlic buds and wood sorrel leaves

-Top right: Chickweed and hazelnut

-Bottom right: Wood sorrel and hazelnut

By using the ingredients that are available during this time of year and highlighting their unique flavours and textures, you can craft a dish that authentically celebrates the essence of spring. Bon appétit!

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